Tamara Grominsky

Chief Strategy Officer at Unbounce

Tamara is the Chief Strategy Officer at Unbounce, where she led the company’s conversion intelligence strategy, including an overhaul of customer segmentation and pricing. Her expertise is in driving go-to-market strategy and revenue acceleration at SMB-focused SaaS companies. She previously led product marketing at FreshBooks and Yellow Pages, and is an Expert in Residence with the Product Marketing Alliance. Across her marketing roles, Tamara has built 3 departments from the ground up, scaling teams from 0 to 30+ employees and shepherding products from launch to $17M+ in ARR.

Kyle Poyar

Operating Partner, OpenView

Kyle leads OpenView’s Growth Team, responsible for advising portfolio executive teams on strategies to increase revenue growth and dominate their markets. The team has helped the portfolio generate over $100 million in additional enterprise value in the last three years.

Kyle specializes in pricing & packaging strategy, which is the most effective yet overlooked growth lever at a SaaS company’s disposal. He’s an expert in Product Led Growth, optimizing go-to-market strategies, and SaaS benchmarks.

Emily Tate

Managing Director at Mind the Product

Emily Tate is Managing Director for Mind the Product, where she spends her time coaching, teaching, and building community to help product managers grow in their skills. She has over 15 years experience in product leadership, and while she has worked with teams across multiple industries and at all stages of their product development, she'll always have a soft spot for the travel industry where her career began building software for airlines. Emily is passionate about the craft of product management and loves talking about new ways to make products people love. She was listed as one of “52 Women Making an Impact in Product Management.

Rajesh Nerlikar

CEO, Prodify

Rajesh Nerlikar is a Co-Founder and Principal Product Advisor / Coach at Prodify and co-author of the bestselling product book, Build What Matters. Rajesh has more than 16 years of product management experience. Over the past 3.5 years, he’s advised/coached 33 companies on product strategy, team development and operations, from startup founders to growth-stage product executives to entire enterprise product teams. Prior to Prodify, he was a technology consultant at Accenture, an entrepreneur, a product manager at Opower, a senior product manager at HelloWallet, a director of product at Morningstar, and the Interim Vice President of Product and Design at Savonix, a Prodify client.


Founder & ceo, appbind

Sunir is the founder and CEO of AppBind, a software company making it possible for partner resellers to buy SaaS and bill it to their clients. He’s also the President of the Cloud Software Association, an industry association for SaaS partnership professionals. Sunir was previously Head of Platform at FreshBooks, where he managed all business around the API and grew the FreshBooks ecosystem to over 70 integration partners.

Daniel Murphy

Director of Marketing AT Privy

Daniel is the VP of Marketing at Privy, the #1 reviewed sales app in the Shopify App Store. He started his marketing career at HubSpot and was previously Director of Product Marketing at Drift, a conversational marketing platform, where he grew with the company from 45 to 400 employees.

Across companies, he’s managed 70+ product launches, including a dozen major launches. Daniel developed a training course called TheProductLaunchMasterclass.com which launched in August of 2020 and has been purchased by over 200 product marketers. He most recently hosted a mini-series on product positioning called "How I Positioned That."

Shareil Nariman

Head of Customer Experience at Arrows

Shareil recently joined Arrows as the Head of Customer Experience. Arrows is building software to improve the onboarding experience for your customers and Shareil leads the customer success, education and strategy efforts. Shareil previously led customer lifecycle management, including onboarding, at Sprout Social, a tool that enables brands to engage with their social audiences. He helped pioneer and facilitat the company’s “onboarding guild”, a cross-functional group of leaders who gathered to optimize and learn from the customer onboarding process. Shareil previously led operations teams as large as 18 employees at Booking.com, and spearheaded an upsell adoption effort for the company’s BookingSuite division, a portfolio of SaaS advertising and property management solutions.

Mark Stiving

Chief Pricing Educator at Impact Pricing

Mark is Chief Pricing Educator at Impact Pricing, an advisory firm specializing value-based pricing for B2B technology companies. He holds a Ph.D in Marketing and is the author of two pricing books (“Impact Pricing” and “Win, Keep, Grow”). Mark was previously a Pricing and Product Management Instructor with the Pragmatic Institute and has coached hundreds of businesses, from solo entrepreneurs to multi-billion dollar corporations, on pricing and monetization.

Anthony Cessario

VP of Industries and GTM Solutions at Clari

Anthony is VP of Industries & GTM Solutions at Clari, the category leader for revenue operations, where he works cross-functionally to direct the company’s go-to-market strategy for new industries and revenue motions. He spends his time thinking about accelerating strategic growth initiatives through predictable execution and focused company capacity. Previously, Anthony led the build out of Clari’s Enterprise Revenue org (including Sales & Account Mgmt) and, prior to Clari he spent 7 years helping Oracle grow & scale their cloud HCM business.

Lisa Pratt

VP of Customer Engagement Marketing at UKG

Lisa is the Vice President of Customer Engagement Marketing at UKG, a leading global HR provider and one of the largest cloud companies in the world. She’s built a team of 27 to responsible for customer marketing, customer intelligence, advocacy, and community for more than 20,000 customers. Lisa previously led customer marketing and marketing analytics at Kronos (pre UKG merger) and Fidelity Investments.

Cici Zheng

Principal at ParkerGale Capital

Cici is responsible for working with portfolio companies on their growth strategies by developing and implementing programs that amplify go-to-market approaches, product positioning and financial results. Prior to joining ParkerGale, Cici worked at Bain & Company as a Case Team Leader advising clients across multiple industries on a variety of engagements including private equity due diligence, customer strategy, marketing, and merger integrations. Before joining Bain, Cici was an Associate at HealthCare Royalty Partners as well as an Analyst at UBS where she was a part of the healthcare investment banking team. Cici holds a BA in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Donna Weber

President of Springboard Solutions, Customer Onboarding Expert

Donna Weber is a recognized Customer Success thought leader and strategist. She’s currently President of Springboard Solutions, a boutique consulting firm specializing in customer onboarding, enablement, and education for high growth companies. Her clients range from start ups to well-established enterprise companies. Donna previously built out customer education and customer success organizations from scratch at SugarCRM and Jaspersoft.

Amyra Rand

Vice President of Sales at Ziflow

Amyra is the Vice President of Sales at Ziflow, an online content proofing provider. She previously led teams of 5-50+ salespeople at Criteria Corp, Kareo, HireRight, and Sage. Across roles, she’s emphasized talent development (tripling or quadrupling sales headcount) and process improvement (increasing win rates 30-50%). Amyra is also Vice President of her chapter of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.

Tory Gray

Founder, The Gray Dot Company

Tory is the Founder of The Gray Dot Company, a consultancy that helps businesses grow ROI through SEO and digital strategy. She’s been working in digital marketing for over a decade, across multiple industries and thousands of websites, with a focus on strategic and technical SEO. Tory has a product management background, and her approach to SEO strategy is cross-functional, coordinating with product, marketing, and engineering teams.

Xander Oltmann

Founder, CEO at Scope

Xander is the Founder and CEO of Scope (scopeinc.com). Scope is defining the implementation as a service category by allowing companies to connect their customers with the perfect expert. Companies like Square, Plaid, Nylas, and Argyle choose Scope to expand the economic bounds of their organization and their customers.

John Rougeux

VP Marketing Strategy + Category Design Lead, BombBomb

John is currently VP of Marketing Strategy at BombBomb, the world’s first human-centered communication company and the #1 ranked video email software. He also advises other companies on the category design process through his consultancy, Flag & Frontier. Prior to BombBomb, John was VP Marketing at Skyfii, a publicly-traded Australia-based SaaS company, and also helped lead two other technology companies to acquisition.

Maya Grossman

VP Marketing, Canvas

Maya is the VP of Marketing at Canvas. She has fifteen years of experience taking products to market and driving growth for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Google, as well as fast-growing startups. Maya worked across B2B and B2C product marketing disciplines and executed go-to-market plans across a variety of industries including cloud, mobile, fintech, and CPG.

Lloyed Lobo

Cofounder, Boast.AI

Lloyed is the co-founder and president of Boast.AI, a fintech platform that automates access to billions in R&D tax credits and innovation incentives so companies can fuel their growth while preserving equity and avoiding red tape. Armed with $123M USD in funding, Boast.ai is on a mission to enable innovators to change the world.

Lloyed also runs Traction, Boast.AI's community of +100k innovators that brings leaders from the fastest growing companies like Shopify, Twilio, LinkedIn, GitHub, Cloudflare, and many more to share learnings on building, growing, and scaling companies via weekly webinars, regular meetups, and conferences.

Rowan Noronha

VP Product Marketing, Bizzabo

Rowan Noronha leads the Product Marketing Community, a not-for-profit community of more than 20K B2B product marketing execs. He's currently the VP of Brand and Product Marketing at Bizzabo, and previously headed product marketing teams at Zix, Cognizant, and SAP.

Audrey Crane

Partner, DesignMap

Audrey is a Partner at DesignMap. She’s had the great fortune to provide strategic, design, and research support and services over the years to clients like Salesforce, Docker, Electrify America, RSA, A3Ventures, NetApp, Aetna, and eBay, among many others over her 25 years in high tech.
Audrey has worked both inside companies running design teams, as well as as a consultant at DesignMap and Dubberly Design Office, working with extraordinary clients and colleagues to do great work that has meaningful impact on peoples’ jobs and lives.

Boaz Maor

Chief Customer Officer at talech

Boaz currently serves as Chief Customer Officer at Talech, an SMB point of sale software provider. He’s previously led customer success at OpenGov, a provider of core operating software for local governments, Mashery, an enterprise API management platform (acquired by Intel), newScale, and enterprise ERP4IT sofrware provider (acquired by Cisco) and FreeMarkets, the innovator of B2B reverse auctions (IPO). Boaz has experience launching brand new customer success teams, as well as scaling the function to lead teams of more than 200 across customer success, support, and Professional Services/implementation, and Knowledge Mgt/Training.

Peter Kazanjy

Cofounder, Atrium

Pete Kazanjy is a serial founder, and seasoned early stage Saas executive, advisor, and investor. Pete founded TalentBin, a category-defining talent search engine and recruiting CRM, which exited to Monster Worldwide in early 2014. Pete currently is the founder of Atrium, a proactive sales performance analysis solution, author of Founding Sales, the definitive Startup Sales Handbook, and founder of Modern Sales, the nation’s largest sales operations, leadership, and enablement community.

Brian Crofts

Chief Product Officer, AuditBoard

Brian Crofts is the Chief Product Officer at AuditBoard, an enterprise risk platform. He was previously Director of Product for QuickBooks at Intuit and Chief Product Officer at Pendo, where he built out product management, product design, product operations, data science, and corporate development. Brian has been named one of the top 20 leaders at the intersection of research and product development, and Product Person of the Year.

Jason Smith

CEO, Klue

Jason is a 5x start-up entrepreneur. He is the CEO and cofounder of Klue, the leading competitive enablement platform for enterprise sales teams serving clients like Cisco, Dell, 3M, Verizon, Drift and Highspot and has raised US$19m in venture capital. Prior to Klue, Jason was President of Vision Critical, a customer intelligence company he helped grow from start-up to 500-person market leader. He was Vice President of Electronic Arts and cofounder of Columbus Group, a 100 person web applications pioneer acquired by TELUS (NYSE:TU). He is the recipient of Ernst and Young's Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Pacific Region, Business in Vancouver's Top 40 under 40, and graduated with distinction from UBC's Sauder School of Business.

Kristi Faltorusso

VP of Customer Success, ClientSuccess

Kristi is currently the VP of Customer Success at ClientSuccess, a customer success platform that helps SaaS companies manage customers and reduce churn. She specializes in building out customer success at hyper-growth companies on their way to $100M in ARR, and has built teams with as few as 3 and as many as 36 CSMs. Kristi has previously led Customer Success at IntelliShift, an Industrial IoT and Fleet Operations Management provider, BetterCloud, a SaaSOps platform for IT professionals, and Sisense, a business intelligence software company and is a founding member of Gain Grow Retain, a community for Customer Success Leaders.

Nicole Alvino

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, SocialChorus

Nicole Alvino is SocialChorus' Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. She guides the company's strategic growth, leads corporate development and works with leaders across the Fortune 500 to help them digitally transform the employee experience. Prior to founding SocialChorus, she was the Founder and CEO of Dermalounge and a pioneer in using new technologies to engage employees.

Kristen Long

Senior Manager, Marketing Programs, Seismic

Kristen is the Senior Manager of Marketing Programs at Seismic where she is responsible for ensuring cross team alignment to lead and ensure Product Marketing programs and strategy are being executed effectively. In addition, she oversees the Case Study and Go to Market Programs. With over 9 years of marketing experience, Kristen is passionate about ensuring customers achieve success with the Seismic product through education and examples.

Kyle Lacy

Chief Marketing Officer, Lessonly

Kyle is currently the CMO of Lessonly, where he was previously the VP of Marketing. Prior to moving to Lessonly, Kyle worked as a Strategic Advisor at Demandwell.