Enterprise Value Creation and Selling in B2B Startups
Founder and CEO of TalentBin
Founder of Modern Sales
Author of the upcoming book, Founding Sales

Pete Kazanjy is a serial founder, and seasoned early stage Saas executive, advisor, and investor. Pete founded TalentBin, a category-defining talent search engine and recruiting CRM, which exited to Monster Worldwide in early 2014.

At TalentBin, Pete went from product and product marketing founder generalist, to first sales rep, first sales manager, first VP of Sales, all the way to leading new product sales for 600+ sales reps at Monster worldwide. After Monster, he wrote a book on startup sales for founders and other first-time sellers, Founding Sales, documenting all the mistakes he made along the way, and solutions to them, so future founders can accelerate their go to market acumen.

Pete also founded and runs the canonical invite-only nationwide sales operations and management “salon” (The Modern Sales Pro salon), featuring 6,000+ members from a who’s who of sales operations, enablement, management, and leadership from 3k+ leading sales organizations.

Additionally, Pete is a well-known expert in early stage go-to-market and “founder selling” - helping organizations figure out their early critical positioning, product packaging, and selling activities. He has done substantial speaking and writing on the topic, including being a frequent contributor to First Round Review and Saleshacker, and advises a number of enterprise software companies on establishing and optimizing their sales and success motions.

Most recently, Pete founded Atrium, an HR Technology company in the performance management category, seeking to bring data centricity to the world of performance instrumentation and management.

Prior to TalentBin, Pete worked in product marketing and product at VMware, having graduated from Stanford in 2002.


How PMs Can Use the Sales Method to Scale B2B Revenue
General Partner at Acceleprise

Whitney is General Partner and Head of Global Programing for Acceleprise, a B2B SaaS accelerator focussing on Pre-Seed to Seed stage companies. She has 10+ years of startup sales experience and is the founder of The Sales Method, a consultancy that helps startups identify target markets, build successful sales teams and quickly get products to market.

She led four companies to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, including LoopNet, Joby, Meltwater and SpringAhead. Whitney graduated with honors with a BA in Sociology from UCSD.


Chief Product Officer at Looker

Nick is the Chief Product Officer at Looker, where he leads the company’s Engineering and Product Management and Design teams.

Prior to Looker, Nick was VP of Engineering at Reddit he grew the engineering team from 35 to 170 and led the major initiative to redesign and re-architect the 13-year-old site.

Prior to Reddit, Nick worked at Microsoft as General Manager for the Power BI family, Microsoft’s first SaaS business intelligence (BI) offering. In three years, Nick grew the Power BI product and engineering teams to over 300 and drove the major technology advancements around advanced analytics, natural language processing, data visualization and BI in the cloud.


Convincing Buyers to Buy Versus Building
CEO of LaunchDarkly

Edith Harbaugh is CEO and co-founder of LaunchDarkly. Edith has more than 10 years of experience in product, engineering and marketing with both consumer and enterprise startups.

She was Product Director at TripIt, where she launched TripIt for Business and ExpenseIt. She was Product Manager at Vignette, a global content management company. She holds two patents in deployment. She moderated the lean startup list.

Edith earned a BS, Engineering from Harvey Mudd College and a degree in Economics from Pomona College. She enjoys trail running distances up to 100 miles, and co-hosts “To Be Continuous,” a podcast about continuous delivery and software development.


The First Money In: What I Look For In My B2B Angel Investments
Angel Investor and Startup Advisor

Susan Kimberlin is an angel investor and startup advisor in San Francisco, where she where she enjoys working with incredibly talented entrepreneurs on an amazing variety of ventures. She is passionate about making connections and helping people meet their potential. She believes that diversity is an essential and under-utilized asset to all businesses.

Prior to her work as a full-time angel investor and startup advisor, Susan led product at Glassbreakers and had a seven year stint in product at Salesforce, where she led the Salesforce Search team.

When not investing and advising, Susan can be found climbing one of San Francisco’s many hills, frequenting the ever-growing array of 3rd-wave coffee shops around town, and singing with the Loose Interpretations.


How Building B2B Companies is Very, Very Different than B2C
CEO of Hostfully
former VP of Strategy and Marketing at ServiceSource

Margot Schmorak has led marketing, sales, product, and strategy teams at Apple, Coveroo and ServiceSource (NASDAQ: SREV).

Most recently she was VP of Marketing and Strategy for the $200 million business unit at ServiceSource.

At Apple, she launched the first iPhone Developer Program in 2008.

She is an avid traveler, so much so that her first son was on over 30 flights before his first birthday. Some of her favorite destinations are Yunnan (China), Vinales (Cuba) and Paris.

Margot graduated from Vassar College, and holds an MBA from the Ross School of Business (UMich).

PETEr lerhman

CEO of Axial
PE investor in technology companies
expert in B2B marketplaces

Peter is founder and CEO of Axial, responsible for driving the company’s vision to be the trusted platform where private companies connect with capital.

Prior to Axial, Peter worked in private equity at SFW Capital Partners and was part of the founding team at Gerson Lehrman Group, where he helped build the company’s dominant global technology platform for on-demand business expertise.

He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and received his MBA from Stanford Business School.


How Product Needs to Empower Design to Build Great B2B Products
CEO of Abstract

Josh is a vocal advocate for Design Leadership, writing and speaking about the challenges of building Design-led companies and products.

In his current role as CEO of Abstract, an Advisor & Mentor to the Designer Fund, and previously as Principal Designer at Twitter, Josh continues to influence the centrality of Design in early and late-stage companies.

Ada Chen Rekhi

Finding Product-Channel Fit to Drive Growth
Founder and COO, Notejoy

Ada Chen Rekhi is Founder & COO at Notejoy, a collaborative notes app for your entire team. Notejoy brings a fast and focused workspace for businesses and individuals to get on the same page and leverage team knowledge. She is an entrepreneur and marketer with over a decade of experience in productivity, SaaS and data-driven marketing.

Most recently, she was Senior Vice President of Marketing at SurveyMonkey, the leading provider of online surveys. Prior to SurveyMonkey, she founded Connected, a contact management startup acquired by LinkedIn. At LinkedIn she was responsible for the integration and re-launch of Connected as the new LinkedIn Contacts and was also led marketing for Growth and Sales Solutions. She has also held marketing and product roles at Mochi Media (acquired by Shanda Games) and Microsoft.

Ada holds a BS Economics from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She writes on marketing and startups at and on Twitter @adachen.


Growth Expert and Advisor
Greylock Partners and Reforge

Casey Winters is a full-time advisor and consultant to top tech companies like Eventbrite, Lyft, Thumbtack, and Reddit. He teaches the Growth Loops track for Reforge.

Casey is also the growth advisor in residence at Greylock Partners, where he helped startups on their growth strategies and scaling challenges.

Prior to Greylock, Casey led growth at Pinterest, helping kickstart international growth. Pinterest recently crossed over 200 million monthly active users. Yes, those annoying signup prompts are his fault.

Prior to Pinterest, Casey was the first marketer at Grubhub, helping the company grow from 30,000 users to over 3 million by leading acquisition and retention marketing. Casey is responsible for some of Grubhub's worst performing ads, but definitely not its best. Grubhub went public in April 2014 and is now valued at $9 billion.

Prior to Grubhub, Casey worked in online marketing at Homefinder and

Casey has a BBA in Marketing from Loyola University Chicago and an MBA from Chicago Booth. But he isn't like those other MBA types. He blogs, not as well as most, at

Christie Pitts

What Customers and Investors Look For in B2B Companies
Investment Partner, Backstage Capital

Christie is an Investment Partner at Backstage Capital. She served as a Venture Development Manager at Verizon Ventures, and is responsible for guiding the Backstage organization towards its mission to minimize funding disparities in tech by investing in high-potential, underestimated founders. Christie has extensive experience creating valuable partnerships between startups and Fortune 500, top 20 corporations.


Pricing and Packaging for B2B Companies: A Masterclass

Patrick Campbell is the Co-Founder and CEO of ProfitWell, the industry standard software for helping companies like Atlassian, Autodesk, Meetup, and Lyft with their monetization (through Price Intelligently) and retention strategies.

ProfitWell also provides a turnkey solution that powers the subscription financial metrics for over eight thousand subscription companies (it’s free and plugs right into your billing system).

Prior to ProfitWell, Patrick led Strategic Initiatives for Boston-based Gemvara and was an Economist at Google and the US Intelligence community.

Guy Yalif

Artificial Intelligence for B2B PMs: How to Get Started and Examples of Practical Applications from MarTech
Founder and CEO of Intellimize

Guy Yalif has been putting AI into the hands of marketers for the past several years as Co-founder and CEO of Intellimize which uses predictive personalization to drive better website conversions.

Guy spent roughly ten years building and leading product teams at Yahoo and Tradeweave, an online marketplace in retail. He has also been a senior marketer at BrightRoll, Twitter, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

Guy graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and was an Arjay Miller Scholar at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Artificial Intelligence for B2B Tactics for B2B SaaS from The Lean Product Playbook
Product Management Consultant and Author

Dan Olsen is a product management consultant and author.

At Olsen Solutions, he works with companies to build great products and strong product teams. His clients include Box, Medallia, PayPal, and Microsoft. Dan is the author of the bestseller The Lean Product Playbook.

Prior to consulting, Dan was a product management leader at Intuit. Dan is also the founder of Lean Product, a monthly speaker series in Silicon Valley with over 7,000 members.

Yana Welinder

Ten Tips for B2B Customer Research
Director of Product, IFTTT

Yana Welinder leads the product team at IFTTT, working to unlock magical experiences by connecting services. She is passionate about designing delightful products that solve core user problems.

Before IFTTT, Yana worked on disrupting manufacturing with digital design and production at Carbon and tackled free knowledge creation on Wikipedia. She is also co-creator of CollabMark, an open source brand guide, which has been adopted by OpenStreetMap, Node.js, and Wikipedia.

Before transitioning into product, Yana was an interdisciplinary law professor and tech policy thought leader. She has published pieces in diverse publications, including the New York Times, the Harvard Journal of Law & Tech, and a chapter in the Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Privacy. Yana holds degrees from Harvard Law School, London School of Economics, and USC.


Stakeholder Management for B2B PMs: Managing Upwards, Downwards, and Sideways
CEO of The Development Factory
host of the 100 Product Managers podcast

Suzanne Abate is a leading advocate, educator and consultant on expert product management.

As Founder and Chief Product Officer for 100 PM, her mission is to expand approaches, accessibility, and conversations in tech and business, making the fields more accessible, diverse, and playful.

Beyond 100 PM, Suzanne actively serves the PM community through her role as CEO of The Development Factory, Enterprise Product Management Instructor at General Assembly, and public speaker. She loves coaching companies and mentoring individuals who want to achieve great things.


Director of Business Development at Justworks
recovering Biglaw associate

Molly Siems is the Director of Business Development at Justworks, a SaaS HR platform for small businesses. At Justworks, she manages strategic partnerships and channel sales and has grown the program from $0 to seven figure ARR in under two years.

Previously, she was Head of BD and Legal Affairs at martech startup, NewsCred, where, as the 15th employee, she helped grow the company from Series A through Series D over 4 years.

Molly is a Columbia Law School alum, beginning her career as a corporate lawyer in private equity M&A at Kirkland & Ellis.

She is also a Pod Leader in Parity Partners' P3 Program, which works on elevating women into leadership roles in VC, finance and technology.


How to Go From a Single Product to a Multi-Product Company and Not Die
Growth Partner, Emergence Capital

Doug lives and breathes all things sales and go to market. As a Growth Partner my charter is to create a platform to share go to market insights and strategies that will help our portfolio companies scale, grow and ultimately become the next Billion dollar SaaS company.

Prior to joining Emergence Doug spent 12+ years driving sales productivity & efficiency inside of the world’s top technology companies such as Box, Salesforce and Google. Before joining Emergence Doug held the coveted title as Chief Storyteller and VP of Sales Productivity & Enablement at Box, a provider of content collaboration software with 1,700 employees and annual revenue run rate of $600 million. “As the Chief Storyteller, I was responsible for helping to change the way Box talked to, and about, their customers.” Doug brings a wealth of experience in driving sales efficiency and excellence through the use of data and customer insights to help transform the way sales organizations scale, develop and engage with prospects and customers. Building, and accelerating the growth of a sales organization, requires intention, execution and the right people. Over the last 15 years Doug’s built a repeatable process and framework that is utilized in SaaS companies around the world.

Doug received his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Oregon and when he’s not cheering on his Ducks you can find him on the tennis courts, the soccer pitch or in the cold bay area waters surfing big waves.

Mary Thengvall

The Business Value of Building Communities for B2B Businesses
author of Apress book, The Business Value of Developer Relations
co-chair of the REdeploy conference

Mary Thengvall is a connector of people at heart, both personally and professionally. She loves digging into the strategy of how to build and foster developer communities and has been doing so for over 10 years.

After building community programs at O’Reilly Media, Chef Software, and SparkPost, she’s now consulting for companies looking to build out a Developer Relations strategy.

In addition to her work, she's known for being "the one with the dog," thanks to her ever-present medical alert service dog Ember.

She's the author of the first book on Developer Relations: The Business Value of Developer Relations, published by Apress.

Mary is founder and co-host of Community Pulse, a podcast for Developer Relations professionals. She curates DevRel Weekly, a weekly newsletter that brings you a curated list of articles, job postings, and events every Thursday. She's also a founding member and "Benevolent Queen" of the Evangelist Collective Slack team.

Mary is also a member of Prompt, a non-profit that encourages people to openly talk about mental illness in tech. She speaks at various conferences and events about building and fostering technical communities as well as how to prevent burnout in yourself and your team.


Supply Alone Isn't Good Enough: Building B2B Marketplaces
Head of Product, BlueCart

Kris is the Head of Product at BlueCart, a B2B2B marketplace that makes ordering simple for over 70 thousand restaurants and their suppliers.

Prior to BlueCart, Kris was the VP of Vendor Operations at Jumia Nigeria, Africa's largest e-commerce company and its first tech "unicorn." At Jumia, Kris led the firm's business model transition to marketplace and managed the operational process and revenue model for over 7000 external vendors.

Kris started her career in investment banking at Lehman Brothers and worked in non-profit consulting in Asia and Africa. She has lived and worked in nine countries, and prides herself on her ability thrive in rapidly changing and innovative environments. Kris holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BS in Journalism from Northwestern University.

Suzie Prince

Five Ways Continuous Delivery Can Be a PM's Superpower
Head of Product, ThoughtWorks Products

Suzie Prince is Head of Product for ThoughtWorks Products where she supports teams building open source software for high performing software and DevOps teams.

Suzie has over 13 years experience as a product manager delivering software that is valuable, usable, feasible, and desirable. She has extensive experience working with enterprise customers delivering both onsite and software-as-a-service B2B solutions. She continues to be excited by the power continuous integration and continuous delivery provides to businesses and loves pushing buttons to release software, feature toggles and pager duty.

Suzie holds a first class BSc in Botany and MSc in Biodiversity from the University of Edinburgh. Suzie is an avid traveler. In the last decide she has lived and worked in 4 countries and visited over 20. Now settled in Oakland you'll find her introducing her baby daughter to the best that California has to offer - the sea, the sierras and the suds.


How Building and Selling to Real Enterprises is Different Than "Regular" B2B
Principal PM at SAS
co-author of the O’Reilly book, Building Products for the Enterprise

Blair Reeves is a Principal Product Manager at SAS Software and co-author of Building Products for the Enterprise.

He has previously held senior product and marketing roles at Demandware (now the Salesforce Commerce Cloud) and IBM, and writes on enterprise software, product management and sundry other topics at his blog,

Blair lives with his wife, baby, and their two doggos in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Manasa Chalasani

Director of Products at Awake Security

Manasa leads product management at Awake, building products that empower SOC analysts.

Prior to Awake, she managed FireEye’s flagship network security product line (NX series), where she explored and productized new revenue streams and was on the front lines of its transition to a public company. Before FireEye, Manasa held positions at Cisco and Reliance Communications, where she helped to define and build first-generation products in virtual security and healthcare-based mobile applications, respectively.

She earned a degree in electronics and communication engineering from Delhi College of Engineerding and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Bootstrapping AI into B2B Products: How Chorus Kickstarted a B2B AI Product
Head of Product, Chorus

Dominik leads Product and Design at, a conversation intelligence company for sales teams. Previously, Dominik was a co-founder at Emplido (acq. by Experteer) and a consultant with Bain & Company’s technology practice.

Dominik holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from ETH Zurich and Technical University of Munich and an MBA from Stanford.

Mei Siauw

Optimizing Your Sales Pipeline: The Difference Between Startups and Enterprises
Co-Founder and CEO, LeadIQ

Mei Siauw is CEO and co-founder of LeadIQ. Prior to LeadIQ, she ran product management for Oracle Cloud ERP.

Mei holds a BSc in Computer Science from Cornell and an MBA from Wharton.


From Engineering to Product: What PMs Need to Be Better Partners
Co-Founder and CEO, Baydin (Boomerang)

Alex is the CEO of Boomerang, an email productivity company that combines artificial intelligence and behavioral science to ease the burden on overloaded emailers. He graduated with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from MIT.

When taking a break from his email, Alex cooks amazing southern and southeast Asian food and is a rabid Alabama football fan.

Akriti Agarwal

The Distinction between B2B Users and Customers and the Playbook to Scale Both Effectively
Product Manager at Blend

Aakriti Agarwal is a Product Manager at Blend, focusing on making delightful products for enterprises in the consumer lending space and has worked on different types of products including UX, APIs and Integrations.

Prior to that, she was at Palantir Technologies working in business development and then product to solve very hard problems using data. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. She has a keen interest in the intersection of technology and social good and believes in its super power to change the world. In her free time, she likes to travel, dance, explore the outdoors and discover hidden staircases in San Francisco.