Pete Kazanjy

Founder and CEO of Talentbin
Founder of Modern Sales

Founder-Led Selling: Enterprise Value Creation and Selling in B2B Startups

Video & Transcript

Whitney Sales

General Partner at Acceleprise

How PMs Can Use the Sales Method to Scale B2B Revenue

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Edith Harbaugh

CEO of LaunchDarkly

Convincing Buyers to Buy Versus Building

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Angel Investor and Startup Advisor

The First Money In: What I Look For In My B2B Angel Investments

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Margot Schmorak

CEO of Hostfully
Former VP of Strategy and Marketing at ServiceSource

How Building B2B Companies is Very, Very Different than B2C

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Josh Brewer

CEO of Abstract

How Product Needs to Empower Design to Build Great B2B Products

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Ada Chen Rekhi

Founder and COO of Notejoy

Finding Product-Channel Fit to Drive Growth

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Casey Winters

Growth Expert and Advisor
Greylock Partners and Reforge

B2B Growth Loops: A Reforge Masterclass

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Christie Pitts

Investment Partner, Backstage Capital

What Customers and Investors Look For in B2B Companies

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Patrick Campbell

CEO of ProfitWell and Price Intelligently

Pricing and Packaging for B2B Companies: A Masterclass

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Guy Yalif

Founder and CEO of Intellimize

Artificial Intelligence for B2B PMs: How to Get Started and Examples of Practical Applications from MarTech

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Dan Olsen

Product Management Consultant and Author

Tactics for B2B SaaS from The Lean Product Playbook

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Yana Welinder

Director of Product, IFTTT

Ten Tips for B2B Customer Research

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Suzanne Abate

CEO of The Development Factory
Host of The 100 Product Managers Podcast

Stakeholder Management for B2B PMs: Managing Upwards, Downwards, and Sideways

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Doug Landis

Growth Partner, Emergence Capital

How to Go From a Single Product to a Multi-Product Company and Not Die

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Mary Thengvall

Author of Apress Book, The Business Value of Developer Relations
Co-Chair of The REdeploy Conference

The Business Value of Building Communities for B2B Businesses

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Kris McKee

Head of Product, BlueCart

Supply Alone Isn't Good Enough: Building B2B Marketplaces

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Suzie Prince

Head of Product, ThoughtWorks Products

Five Ways Continuous Delivery Can Be a PM's Superpower

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Blair Reeves

Principal Product Manager at SAS Software
Co-author of Building Products for the Enterprise

How Building and Selling to Real Enterprises is Different Than "Regular" B2B

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Dominik Facher

Head of Product, Chorus

Bootstrapping AI into B2B Products: How Chorus Kickstarted a B2B AI Product

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Mei Siauw

Co-Founder and CEO, LeadIQ

Optimizing Your Sales Pipeline: The Difference Between Startups and Enterprises

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Alex Moore

Co-Founder and CEO, Baydin(Boomerang)

From Engineering to Product: What PMs Need to Be Better Partners

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Akriti Agarwal

Product Manager at Blend

The Distinction between B2B Users and Customers and the Playbook to Scale Both Effectively

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