Patrick Campbell

Founder & CEO of Protitwell & Price Intelligently

Pricing and Packaging for B2B Companies

Margot Schmorak

CEO of Hostfully

How Building B2B Companies is Very, Very Different than B2C

Josh Brewer

CEO of Abstract

How Product Needs to Empower Design to Build Great B2B Products

Christie Pitts

General Partner of Backstage Capital

What Customers and Investors Look For in B2B Companies 

Suzanne Abate

CEO of the Development Factory

Stakeholder Management for B2B PMs: Managing Upwards, Downwards, and Sideways

Akriti Agarwal

Product Manager at Blend

The Distinction between B2B Users and Customers and Scaling Both Effectively

Suzie Prince

Head of Product at Thoughtworks Products

Five Ways Continuous Delivery Can Be a PM's Superpower

Kris McKee

Head of Product at Bluecart

Supply Alone Isn't Good Enough: Building B2B Marketplaces

Ada Chen Rekhi

Founder & COO of Notejoy

Finding Product-Channel Fit to Drive Growth

Mary Thengvall

Author of Apress book, Co-Chair of the Redeploy Conference

The Business Value of Building Communities for B2B Businesses

Dominik Facher

Head of Product at Chorus

Bootstrapping AI into B2B Products: How Chorus Kickstarted a B2B AI Product

Yana Welinder

Director of Product at IFTTT

Ten Tips for B2B Customer Research

Alex Moore

CEO of Boomerang

From Engineering to Product: What PMs Need to Be Better Partners

Susan Kimberlin

Angel Investor & Startup Advisor

The First Money In: What I Look For In My B2B Angel Investments

Mei Siauw

Co-Founder & CEO of LeadIQ

Optimizing Your Sales Pipeline: The Difference Between Startups and Enterprises

Doug Landis

Growth Partner at Emergence

How to Go From a Single Product to a Multi-Product Company and Not Die 

Pete Kazanjy

Founder of Talentbin & Modern Sales

Founder-Led Selling: Enterprise Value Creation and Selling in B2B Startups

Edith Harbaugh

CEO & Co-Founder of LaunchDarkly

Convincing Buyers to Buy Versus Building 

Blair Reeves

How Building and Selling to Real Enterprises is Different Than "Regular" B2B

Dan Olsen

Product Management Consultant and Author

Mastering The Problem Space for Product-Market Fit

Guy Yalif

Founder & CEO of Intellimize

Artificial Intelligence for B2B PMs: How to Get Started and Examples of Applications

Whitney Sales

General Partner at Acceleprise

How PMs Can Use the Sales Method to Scale B2B Revenue

Clement Kao

Product Manager at Blend

The Nuances of B2B Analytics

Melissa Patenaude

Design Director at LaunchDarkly

Using Enterprise Design and Personas to Build Great Products

Kate Hopkins

Vice President of Main Sail Partners

How Not to be a Partial Product Manager

Sonia Sarao

VP of Product & Engineering at Fluxx

Building Products in Niche B2B Markets: Grand Vision, Laser Focus

Prasad Gune

Senior VP of Product at Signifyd

Enterprise Product Do’s & Don’ts - Learnings from Marketplaces

Shanea Leven

Founder & CEO of

How to be Your Own Sponsor When Building Your PM Career

Ryan Goldman

VP of Product Marketing at  Pendo

The Rise of Product Ops

Zac Hays

Senior Director of Product at Autodesk

Product Strategy Simplified: Vision vs. Strategy vs. Roadmaps

Rob Zwiebach

VP of Product Management at Workday

Scaling Enterprise Product Organizations

Guillaume Cabane

CEO of Growth Ex Machina

Enterprise Growth Strategies

Elena Verna

Mentor of Reforge and former SVP of Product at Malwarebytes

Building for Growth: Establishing a Foundation for Experimentation

Hubert Palan

CEO of ProductBoard

Product Strategy in the Age of Product Excellence: Which Products Win

Sunir Shah

CEO of AppBind 

Why Partnerships F#@! My Roadmap

Lisa Singer

Senior Research Director Product Management Service of SiriusDecisions

High Performance Product Management: Where to Invest for Growth

Aline Lerner

Founder & CEO of 

How and When to Say No to Feature Requests

Ellen Chisa

Of Dark

Building Enterprise Developer Products

John Cutler

Product Advocate at Amplitude 

Building a 4.7x B2B Product Team in Three Acts

Sean Byrnes

CEO of

Building and Selling into the Fortune 100 as a Startup

Aron Solberg and Alex Confer of Dropbox

SaaS At Scale: The Big IT Problem all PMs need to know