TIME Ventana Room Cypress Room
9:00am Intro in Ventana Room
9:15am Lisa Singer
High Performance Product Management: Where to Invest to Drive Growth
9:45am Sean Byrnes
Building and Selling into the Fortune 100 as a Startup
Clement Kao
The Nuances of B2B Analytics
10:15am Break
(15 minutes)
10:30am Guillaume Cabane
Enterprise Growth Strategies

Zac Hays
Product Strategy Simplified: Vision vs. Strategy vs. Roadmaps

11:00am Elena Verna
Building for Growth: Establishing a Foundation for Experimentation
Ryan Goldman (Pendo)
The Rise of Product Ops
11:30am Break
(15 minutes)
11:45am Rob Zwiebach
Scaling Enterprise Product Organizations
Shanea Leven
How to be Your Own Sponsor When Building Your PM Career
12:15am John Cutler
Building a 4.7x B2B Product Team in Three Acts
Kate Hopkins
How Not to be a Partial Product Manager
12:45pm Lunch
1:45pm Sunir Shah
Why Partnerships F#@! My Roadmap
Aron Solberg / Alex Confer
SaaS At Scale: The big IT Problem all PMs need to know
2:15pm Ellen Chisa
Building Enterprise Developer Products
Melissa Patenaude
Using Enterprise Design and Personas to Build Great Products
2:45pm Break
(15 minutes)
3:00pm Hubert Palan
Product Strategy in the Age of Product Excellence -  Which Products Win
Prasad Gune
Enterprise Product Do’s & Don’ts - Learnings from Marketplaces
3:30pm Aline Lerner
How and When to Say No to Feature Requests
Sonia Sarao
Building Products in Niche B2B Markets: Grand Vision, Laser Focus
4:00pm-6:00pm Cocktails